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Unfortunate Circumstances

Well, what were the intentions as of February to create this space for all things food, fun, and exploration turned into that which is Covid. Being a small business owner during a worldwide pandemic, for us, has obviously been stressful but we have also been BLESSED beyond belief. Our business has grown exponentially since the pandemic hit and we couldn't be more thankful. We appreciate everyone who has stuck with us during these longer than normal processing times and believe me when I say - we are not happy we had to extend our processing times. We have been working diligently to get back to our normal handmade timeframe and we are ALMOST THERE. We are also so thankful for the amount of new customers who have decided to give us a try. There were times where delays made us want to give up, but we along with everyone else have been in uncharted territory since March. But as always, we will all get through it - together! One thing I've learned after 6 years being a small business owner, looking to the future is important but so is taking each day at a time. 

Now that the world has mostly opened back up, we will be sharing some of our favorite food spots, local exploration, and more! DM us if you have any ideas!