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For the love of food, shopping, and exploration

Ok... let's be real. Everyone and their mom has a blog these days. So if you've made it even this far, HI glad you're here! I thought it would be fun for our followers to get to know the faces behind the business so here we are. Be prepared to hear about all things food, of course maybe a little bit of shopping (who loves their SSB state apparel??), and exploration. Shopping local and eating all the local food is a must. I am ALWAYS looking for a new place to try (or let's be real... I'm a creature of habit so I have a tendency to go back to the same spots once I find ones I like. Speaking of, if you haven't been to the Donut+Dog in Nashville you MUST! More on that later). I hope you look forward to getting to know us as much as we look forward to putting this together!